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      About Us

      Wyden is the global leader in institutional digital asset trading technology. By covering the entire trade lifecycle and supporting seamless custody, core banking, and portfolio management system integration as well as full trade lifecycle automation, the Wyden platform streamlines digital assets trading. Engineered by a team of trading system veterans and crypto asset experts, Wyden offers best-in-class integrated infrastructure solutions that meet the highest institutional needs. Wyden has offices in Zurich, New York, and Singapore.

      In the future, every type of asset from shares to real estate and art will be tokenized – requiring a new generation of financial technology. That’s why we at Wyden are bridging the gap between digital and traditional assets. Our one-stop technology platform leverages a single FIX API to enable traditional and crypto-native clients to trade digital and traditional assets. With our seamlessly integrated trading infrastructure, we unify the entire institutional trading lifecycle for every type of asset, thus shaping the institutional trading of tomorrow.

      Working at Wyden

      Our global team of crypto & financial experts, quantitative strategy developers, and senior software engineers offers a high-paced environment and passionately works towards our vision. In addition, we provide up-to-date benefits like flexible working time and workplace models so you can enjoy your life at Wyden. Join us and shape the future of institutional trading.

      Our investors

      We’re trusted by some of the most renowned investors from the digital and traditional asset space who truly believe in our vision. Powered by this backing, we continue to shape the industry by unifying the full trading lifecycle with our institutional-grade software solutions. Based on our strong foundations we help crypto & financial institutions generate alpha and better serve their clients. No matter your preferred instruments or assets, our trading technology always provides the necessary business features.

      Best-in-class features to focus on your business

      • Desk enables sell-side firms to generate new revenue streams and monitor associated risks with full control. Broker Desk lets sell-side trading firms configure the fee schedules to be applied to customer order flow. In addition, warehousing of client positions and automated hedging of market exposure is supported
      • Kill switch functionality allows traders to stop API trading immediately if market conditions require it
      • Configurable pre-trade checks, e.g. allowing asset and order types, checking order quantity or market exposure
      • Configurable post-trade actions, e.g. allocating trades to specific portfolios
      • Automated delta hedging to eliminate any delta risk associated with a specific underlying
      • Calendar service to keep track of trading hours, holidays and time zones for different exchanges and trading instruments
      • Options pricing engine using the SABR volatility model, which can be used in market-making scenarios and for OTC options trading
      • Multi-level portfolio hierarchies with or without parent portfolio aggregation
      • Integrated risk management to calculate risk metrics on position, strategy and portfolio level
      • Integrated money management to size your trades and positions based on risk metrics, account size, leverage, etc.
      • Multiple currencies with support for multi-currency portfolios with real-time FX conversion
      • Synthetic instruments and custom derivative spreads, i.e. virtual instruments consisting of multiple legs e.g. futures & options combos
      • Extendable symbology resolver to help identify instruments with the different venues using the symbol, Bloomberg ID or underlying, expiration, and strike


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      Robbie Pena

      I found the trading conditions to be extremely unfavorable, with high spreads and commissions, making it difficult to make a profit. The platform is also very limited in terms of available assets, and the lack of variety means that traders have limited options for diversifying their portfolios.

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      The trading conditions were less than ideal, marked by high spreads and commissions that posed challenges for profitability. Additionally, the platform’s limited asset offerings restricted portfolio diversification, limiting traders’ options.

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