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      Since 2018 Luxor has been helping our users expand their mining fleets. We are now bringing our experience into a white-gloved solution for miners to procure ASICs in a transparent, and efficient manner.We begin the process with an initial scoping call to talk you through the purchase options tailored to your needs, followed by quoting shipping costs, choosing a shipping method, and being there every step of the way with you until your hardware is up and hashing. We can also help provide after-sales support with troubleshooting, repairing, cleaning, and testing services by leveraging our experienced service partners.Our ASIC brokerage team is spread across North America, Asia, and Latin America. We have strong connections to the major ASIC manufacturers and a robust peer-to-peer network, giving us access to some of the best supply of machines and sophisticated buyers.

      Luxor knows that mining pools can feel like black boxes. That’s why we rebuilt our crypto mining pool stacks from the ground up, with a laser focus on three core values: efficiency, reliability, and transparency.

      Unlock Your Mining Data

      Gain greater insight into your crypto mining operations. Luxor knows that crypto mining pools can feel like black boxes. That’s why we’ve rebuilt our mining stacks from the ground up, with a laser focus on three core values: efficiency, reliability, and transparency.

      Convert With Catalyst

      Luxor’s Catalyst service gives you the option to convert your altcoin mining revenue into bitcoin. Altcoin mining spreads with BTC returns. Start earning BTC for your GPU and altcoin ASIC hashrate today.

      Get paid in bitcoin for your altcoin hashrate
      8 altcoins to choose from

      Operator Dashboard

      Luxor Mining Pool has just released a dashboard dedicated to professional operators and hosting providers. This will allow and ease multi-client management, with a custom overview, graphs, and KPIs.

      Check the User Guide.

      Multi-client Dashboard

      Easy onboarding for your workers under management.

      Hashrate Index
      We’re on a mission to make Proof-of-Work data easier to consume and understand. Hashrate Index delivers miners & investors high-quality mining insights into Bitcoin network data, ASIC prices, crypto mining stocks, and more. The financialization of hashrate starts here.

      ASIC Price & Hashprice Index
      Crypto Mining Stock Data & Asic Reviews

      ASIC Trading Desk
      We offer a one-stop shop for buying crypto-mining ASICs, GPUs, and parts. We source cleaned and tested crypto mining hardware from global, verified suppliers and ship it straight to your door. Take advantage of our personal relationships and on-the-ground experience. Procurement is simple and easy. No games.

      Switch™ is Luxor’s proprietary profit-switching crypto mining pool software. The service automatically points your miners to the most profitable Equihash blockchain on our pools to maximize your rewards. With our smart-switching algorithm, we can pay more to our miners than if they were mining only one chain. Equihash Switch has consistently achieved an 8.0% reward uplift compared to solely mining Zcash.

      Miner-Specific Hedging: Hedge revenue exposure to bitcoin price, network difficulty, and transaction fees using a single product designed specifically for bitcoin miners.

      Bespoke Contracts: Customizable contracts tailored to a miner or hosting site’s specific needs.

      Easy Settlement: For ease of use, contracts are settled in cash without worrying about the physical delivery of hashrate.

      Hedge Counterparty Risk: ASIC and infrastructure lenders can hedge counterparty risk exposure to hash price.

      Optionality: Provides non-physical, temporary exposure for those trying to procure hashrate but who are dealing with long lead times.

      Non-physical Exposure: Gain non-physical exposure to hash price to generate alpha, without owning and operating physical mining assets.

      We work hard to provide the most reliable products, services, and software. However, we can’t guarantee that they will ever be safe, error-free, or that they will function without disruptions, delays, or imperfections. Accordingly, our liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and under no circumstances will we be liable to you for any lost profits, revenues, information, or data, or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of or related to these Terms or Luxor’s products, services, or software.


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      Azmeri Khan

      This is my 1st mining pool,  I started mining with them, and it holds so many memories of my early mining experience. Thanks.

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        Maisie Fulton

        What a co-incidents! This is the first pool for mine too


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      Pablo Catenho

      I was surprised by their interaction method, they are so unprofessional, never ever had such experience with anyone.

      • #3599
        Hrithvik Manish

        Same here, I had also faced issues in the communication, it’s not good


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      Riyad Townsend

      Good experience, I recommend them always. I am one of the repeated clients of them


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      Leanne Simon

      Another issue with Luxor Mining is the lack of customer service. I had an issue with my account and attempted to contact customer service, but I received no response. This is a major issue because if you have an issue with your account, you must be able to reach support.

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