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      Who We Are:

      Yami Technology is a national high-tech enterprise that focuses on r&d and sales of memory-computing integrated high-throughput processors and a member of the high-throughput computing Industry Alliance.

      Yami Technology team is fully devoted to extending its leadership in delivering competitive products using the world’s most advanced IP and ASIC technologies and has made a number of significant achievements.

      With all the custom IPs in every advanced FinFET process entering mass production successfully in one stroke, our remarkable innovation capabilities have been proven in the fields such as high-performance computing, high-bandwidth memory, encrypted computing, AI cloud computing, and low-power IoT.

      Our products and services have been widely recognized in the cryptocurrency industry. Relying on the memory-computing integrated core technology, Yami Technology will devote itself to the development of universal high-end processors, fully support all kinds of algorithms and applications, provide a strong guarantee for the arrival of the digital economy era, and become the global leader in high-throughput Cryptocurrency Mining.

      WHAT DO WE DO?
      YAMI TECH team is fully devoted to extending its leadership in delivering competitive products using the world’s most advanced IP and ASIC technologies and has made a number of significant achievements


      Backed by its 9 years of technical expertise in developing cutting-edge IPs and ASIC products, YAMI ASIC has assisted our valued partners, including Amazon, AMD, Synaptics, and OnSemi to name but a few, in achieving the success, being at the forefront for 6 consecutive years.

      Ethereum YM-550 8G Memory, 5,500 MH / s @ 4,100W

      Ethash & EtHashETC Algorithm (Ethereum & Ethereum Classic)

      SEO & SOCIAL

      Very efficient and profitable extraction under optimal ambient conditions

      WHY YM-550 ?
      Ethereum YM-550 8GB Memory, 5,500 MH / s @ 4,100W
      EtHash or EtHashETC Algorithm (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic)
      Power supply included
      Incredible quality from one of the best excavator manufacturers
      Very efficient and profitable extraction under optimal ambient conditions
      12 months warranty



    • #1244
      Irvin Dani

      I really appreciate your warranty system which is valid for 12months along with an international warranty procedures.

    • #1245
      Rovic Jr

      Yes, I also found it so useful unlike others I guess.

    • #1251
      Ramima Ali

      Felt troubled getting the contact. You should improve the communication system.

    • #1293
      Ashik Alam

      was searching for a best machine miner company and found you. great work.

    • #1772
      Cobe Head

      I immediately received my Asic miner, the Yami Tech YM-200 Mini+ 200MH/s 18 . When I got it, it was all set to go. have it running immediately. No problems. AMAZING service. My crypto buddies have already heard from me. But at first, I felt uneasy. never purchased a costly item online. yet had no difficulties. Once more, many thanks!

    • #2017
      Nita Devan

      best service ever, I am the repeated customer of this company.

    • #2018
      Elsa Froe

      great service but they should update the prices more efficiently

    • #2130
      Jane Cohton

      I found them a bit expensive than others, so I don’t recommend them, if anyone can get the same quality products in the same price then why do they buy from them?

    • #2131
      Letex Kaheng

      Their service is not that good, i don’t recommend them.

    • #2223
      Arash Teshy

      Is there any proof that you are verified? Because watching your activity seems like fraud! I am sorry but it’s true.

    • #2444
      Blake Zavala

      This company is growing its fame rapidly, with the growth they should put some attention on their website organization I guess so.

    • #2603
      Flexi Jode

      I love their service, never get disappointed with them, they are very interactive and super helpful staff they have, I called them at 3am, they solved out my problem, so yes, it was overall great experience,

    • #2711
      Jack James

      Love them, always the number 1 miners they provide, they have a very strong support system, which I am really a fan of.

    • #2909
      Tezer Ranku

      Ordered  YAMI 200 MINI 200MH through profitableminer, they are awesome. Got 100% maintenance service.

    • #2994
      Karl Brennan

      This is an amazing website, I must admit they are the best provider in the crypto world.

    • #3075
      Roger Brennan

      I always recommend their service, order 100 machines from them, got full support from the maintenance team.

    • #3480
      Madison Koch

      They are one of the best ASIC manufacturer, after receiving the delivery I needed maintenance support twice. I found them very cooperative.


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