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      Artists and anyone else can make NFTs on SuperRare, collect uncommon NFTs, and exchange these digital goods there. Everyone can benefit from the market by receiving royalties from subsequent sales of their creative works for the duration of that digital asset. The market offers Spaces, which are autonomous galleries organized according to the preferences of the creators or collectors.


      • own token for the platform The payment and voting token is $Rare
      • live to bid.
      • Derived from Ethereum.
      • Join a group of users, collectors, and other creators.
      • In NFT marketplaces, likes all appear to be uncommon. NFT authentication and tracking are both present.
      • With the initial sale, the gallery receives 15% of the fee, and the original producers get 85%. 3% of subsequent purchases go to the founders.



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      Rajesh Chapati

      I’ve been using SuperRare for a few months now and I’m really impressed with the platform. The user interface is very intuitive and the selection of art is fantastic. I also appreciate that they use blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and ownership of the art.

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      Dylan Scott

      SuperRare is a non-traditional trading platform that has been chastised for its high costs and lack of accountability. The website charges a fee of fifteen percent on every sale, which is higher than the commissions charged by some of its rivals.

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