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      About Us

      VT Markets is a multi-asset broker trusted by clients in over 160 countries. In 2015, we started with a simple mission — to make trading easy and accessible for everyone. Today, VT Markets has evolved into a one-stop solution for all trading needs.
      Our goal is to empower modern traders who want to seize market opportunities in their daily lives. Through our robust trading environment, traders have easy access to more than 1000 tradeable instruments with ultra-low spreads. We also pride ourselves on lightning-fast execution and excellent customer service. Our global community of traders can trade anytime, anywhere. We will always strive to make trading easy — because everyone should have the freedom to shape their financial future.

      Why trade with VT Markets?

      • Globally recognized
        We are an award-winning broker trusted by clients from over 160 countries. Over the past years, we’ve won multiple international accolades including Best Customer Service and Fastest Growing Broker.
      • Build your confidence
        It’s easy to open an account and start trading, but what if you are a beginner? At VT Markets, you can have a demo account for 90 days to practice with absolutely no risks until you feel ready.
      • Powerful platforms
        VT Markets aims at providing high-performance trading platforms with cutting-edge technology for lightning-fast transactions and a user-friendly experience
      • We are there for you!
        We listen to our client’s needs and build our systems based on their demands. Our customer service is ready to help you along the way 24/5, no matter your account type, trading capital, or investment size
      • Safe & Transparent
        VT Markets is regulated by top-tier authorities, which ensures all our clients are well-protected. We have full transparency and disclosure – what you see is exactly what you get.

      VT Markets is proud to have won several awards for our excellent services and trading platforms. We aim at continuing to offer our clients the best we can to make their trade experience smooth and easy as possible and to excel in all categories in the future.


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      Anam Shetty

      A reliable broker with strong global growth. a broker that accepts beginners and offers outstanding client service as well as ongoing discounts. I started with VT Markets as a newbie, and they offer enough of tools to encourage . amazing experience

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        Ashim Keli

        I have never seen any company so supportive of their clients like them, they are providing many offers to the fresher.

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      Ritesh Daniel

      I truly appreciate how competent this broker was; after I opened an account, they even called and spoke to me in my mother tongue. Because they don’t have a good deposit option, I only gave them 4 stars instead of 5.

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        I liked how good the broker’s service was and that they spoke to me in my language. But I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 because their deposit options weren’t very good.

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      Bobby Brian

      I highly recommend VT Markets to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy broker. Their low spreads and fast execution times have helped me maximize my profits, and I appreciate their commitment to transparency and fair trading practices. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my experience with VT Markets.

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        I strongly advise against using VT Markets as a broker. Their spreads are high, and I’ve experienced significant delays in order execution, leading to missed opportunities and reduced profits. Their claims of transparency and fair trading practices seem misleading, as my experience with them has been anything but satisfactory.

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      Zakariya Huff

      I’ve been trading with VT Markets for several months now, and I have to say I’m very impressed with their service. The trading platform is easy to use and very reliable, with fast execution and no downtime. I also appreciate the wide range of trading instruments they offer, including Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. But what really sets VT Markets apart is their customer service. Their support team is always quick to respond and very helpful, and they really go out of their way to make sure their clients are satisfied. Overall, I highly recommend VT Markets to anyone looking for a reliable and customer-focused broker.


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        Stephen Hola

        Really? But I had a totally different experience, their customer service is not really impressive, they are slow and irresponsive.

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      Rafe Mack

      VT Markets is that they offer competitive spreads and fast execution speeds, which can be beneficial for traders looking to enter and exit trades quickly. Additionally, their customer support is said to be helpful and responsive, providing clients with assistance when needed. I always recommend them

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        Gene Meyer

        One of the standout features of VT Markets is its competitive trading conditions. The platform offers tight spreads and low commissions, making it easier for traders to make a profit.

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        Tiana Avila

        I agree with both of you, they are just awsome!

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      Samar Oliva

      VT Markets has earned my trust and loyalty through their outstanding services and commitment to their clients. If you’re looking for a brokerage that values your trading experience, look no further than VT Markets.

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      Alpha Generation’s MetaTrader indicators fall short of expectations. Despite their promise to represent market psychology, they often provide unreliable signals for trade opportunities and entry/exit points. Relying on these indicators might lead to poor trading decisions and missed opportunities. It’s disappointing that they don’t deliver as advertised.

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      VT Markets is a top-tier broker, globally recognized and trusted by clients in 160+ countries. Their user-friendly demo account, lightning-fast platforms, and 24/5 customer service build confidence. I highly recommend them for their transparency and excellence in trading services.

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