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      About Us

      Our vision is to create a better digital world.

      BITMAIN is the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER, which has long maintained a global market share and leading position in technology, serving customers across over 100 countries and regions. The company has subsidiaries in China, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and other locations.

      BITMAIN offers cutting-edge technology in power efficiency, providing the global blockchain network with advanced computational infrastructure and solutions. Since its establishment in 2013, the hashrate of ANTMINER BTC miners has been increased by three orders of magnitude, while the power efficiency of ANTMINER BTC miners has been improved by two orders of magnitude. BITMAIN’s vision is to create a better digital world.

       Company History 

      Launched BTC hydro cooling products, ANTMINER S19 Hyd. series and ANTMINER hydro container ANTSPACE HK3.

      Launched BTC miner, ANTMINER S19 XP, leading the industry into the era of 20 J/T.
      Began to promote hydro cooling miners and containers.
      Launched ANTMINER servers that mine ETH (E9), DASH (D7) and LTC (L7) and more.

      Launched BTC miner, ANTMINER S19, leading the industry into the era of 30 J/T.

      Launched BTC miner, ANTMINER S17 series, leading the industry into the era of 40 J/T.

      Launched Bitdeer, a cryptocurrency cloud mining service platform.*spun off from BITMAIN and has become independent since January 2021.
      Launched ANTMINER servers that mine ETH (E3), ZEC (Z9), DASH (D5), LTC (L3++ and L5), DCR (DR3) and XMC (X3) and more.

      Launched ANTMINER servers that mine DASH (D3), LTC (L3+) and SC (A3) and more.

      Launched BTC miner ANTMINER S9, leading the industry into the era of 100 J/T.
      Launched SOPHON, an artificial intelligence (AI) brand. *spun off and merged into SOPHGO in 2021.

      Ranked top in the Bitcoin mining server market to date.
      Launched BTC.com.*spun off from BITMAIN and has become independent since January 2021.

      Launched ANTPOOL, one of the world’s leading mining pools.*spun off from BITMAIN and has become independent since May 2021.
      Launched BTC miner ANTMINER S2, S3, S4, and S5.

      BITMAIN was founded, and the company’s first BTC miner, ANTMINER S1, was mass-produced and delivered to customers.

      mutually beneficial, long-lasting, sustainable 
      BITMAIN strives to build “mutually beneficial, long-lasting and sustainable” partnership with its customers and business partners.

      First, a mutually beneficial partnership has to be developed, and then evolved into a long- lasting partnership. Centering on sustainability, involved parties will face market competitors together in one strategic direction.
      BITMAIN combines diverse business models to bridge customers and suppliers in order to build a “Business Symbiosis”,

      thus empowering the global blockchain community to achieve steady and sustainable growth of computational power.

       Product Excellence 
      BITMAIN is committed to providing customers and global blockchain networks with advanced computational infrastructure and solutions.

      Launched in 2016, ANTMINER S9 has been in steady operations since, manifesting the product excellence of ANTMINER products.

      BITMAIN, together with its suppliers that provide leading technologies and product excellence, has achieved stable production capacity during market fluctuations.

      Adhering to the R&D concept of “Quality by Design”, BITMAIN attaches great importance to product quality from its initial development stage.

      Establish a global after-sales service network and provide customers with agile response 24/7.

      Enrich customer relations, establish global HUB warehouses and speed up the turnover of after-sales logistics.

      Provide key customers with spare parts, ASAR Service and on-site maintenance services. After-sales Advance Replacement Service (“ASAR Service”)BITMAIN has three after-sales strategies, including After-sales Advance Replacement Service, Miner Repair (Shipping), and On-site Miner Repair.

      The ASAR service strategy provides customers with alternative miner solutions during the maintenance period, avoiding losses caused by customers’ inability to mine during the maintenance period based on two options. The first is a deposit-based ASAR Service, and the second is a credit-based ASAR Service.

      If a customer chooses our ASAR service, after the customer sends a miner to be repaired, BITMAIN will ship one replacement miner to the customer from our national spare parts warehouse (HUB warehouse) within 1-2 business days upon confirmation of the shipping information, regardless of whether BITMAIN has received the customer’s miner or not.
      Ecological Cooperation
      Centering around “ANTMINER”, BITMAIN cooperates with excellent suppliers to provide customers and cryptocurrency mining industry with highly competitive products and services. Meanwhile, BITMAIN joins hands with its partners, including the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining pool, cloud computing service provider and financial providers to build a comprehensive ecosystem together.

      PoW is recognized by the current blockchain industry and academia as by far the best decentralized technology consensus method in human history. PoW consensus allows miners to compete for the block bookkeeping rights by using professional equipment like computers and advanced mining equipment such as Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Servers, this process is also called mining.

      As the world’s leading blockchain manufacturer for PoW computing servers, BITMAIN provides extraordinary computational products and services. BITMAIN will strive to develop the ecosystem and support the community, creating a prosperous and cleaner PoW world.



    • #1253
      Keniel Bit

      I found the machines are quiet expensive compared to others.

    • #1257
      Paul Eric

      I loved you finance system. That’s really helped me.

    • #1275
      Istiak Ali

      professional services. But I expected to get more reasonable service. Thanks.

    • #1342
      Frank Lie

      Amazing service I got from you, the shipping was too fast, I will contact you whenever I need. Thanks a lot.

    • #1440
      Walter Cary

      I want to know is there a money-making app from Bitmain?

    • #1559
      Mustafa Orley

      Thank you for the thorough video on system configurations. All is simple enough to understand.

    • #1875
      Berry Cox

      They are my go-to vendors; I’ve been placing orders with them for more than a year and have purchased more than 50 antminer S19 Pro from them. Recommendedp

    • #2022

      Well, they are my second favorite, I always keep  Goldshell at the top of my list. Thanks

    • #2172
      Antony Marker

      Its a Chinese company if look at their culture they would trip off their own families and countrymen

    • #2176
      Terrif Guns

      This is a good firm that gave individuals access to various asic home miners. I was able to enter this cryptocurrency with the help of that. Members of the after-sale team are friendly and helpful. They will make every effort to assist me when I run into issues. The packages are well sealed.

    • #2323
      Ritesh Andit

      best service ever, I haven taking products from them sing last year, nice quality

    • #2438
      Viset Trask

      Please let me know what is going on with the app because the Nigerian version has not worked since Friday. I expect your kind response.

    • #2602
      Husten Hukh

      I have experienced the worst experience ever from bitmain, they are a pure scam, and I lost my money for nothing. Never never suggest them from now.

    • #2714
      Mula Throne

      Not appreciate them at all, i find them being impatient listening to the customer feedbacks, so just avoid this site.

      • #3600
        Andrew Aguilar

        I had a terrible experience with them, they are not ready to listen to the client with patience, I have found them rude.


    • #2800
      Harrish Chopda

      had a terrible experience with them, can’t trust them anymore.

    • #3077
      Rhodri Juarez

      Never put your faith in this website,  they’ll take your money, and they are not likely to response in time, which is quiet annoying.

    • #3079
      Ilyas Mccarthy

      Would you please check your mail inbox or spam folder ?? I have ordered about 150 machines from you, 20 of them are not working, didn’t expect from you.

    • #3364
      Keiron Calvert

      My first choice always,  But last time it was delaying to deliver my products.

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