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      WHO WE ARE

      Innosilicon is a worldwide one-stop provider of high-speed mixed signal IPs and ASIC customization with leading market shares in Asian-Pacific market for 10 consecutive years. Its IP has enabled billions of SoC’s to enter mass production, covering nodes from 180nm to 5nm across the world’s foundries including: GlobalFoundries, TSMC, Samsung, SMIC, UMC and others. Backed by its 14 years of technical expertise in developing cutting-edge IPs and ASIC products, Innosilicon has assisted our valued partners including AMD, Microchip and Microsoft to name but a few, in realizing their product goals.

      The innosilicon team is fully devoted to providing the world’s most advanced IP and ASIC technologies and has achieved stellar results. In 2018, Innosilicon was the first in the world to reach mass production of the performance-leading GDDR6 interface in our cryptographic GPU product. In 2019, Innosilicon announced the availability of the HDMI v2.1 IP supporting 4K/8K displays as well as our 32Gbps SerDes PHY. In 2020, we launched the INNOLINK Chiplet which allows massive amounts of low-latency data to pass seamlessly between smaller chips as if they were all on the same bus. With a wide range of performance-leading IP in multiple FinFET processes and 22nm planar processes all entering mass production, Innosilicon’s remarkable innovation capabilities have been proven in fields such as high-performance computing, high-bandwidth memory, encrypted computing, AI cloud computing, and low-power IoT.

      Innosilicon is a world-class, innovative, fabless IP/IC design company focusing on high-performance PHYs and mixed signal IP. With multi-national world class design teams in China and North America, Innosilicon IP has helped many Tier-one companies to achieve rapid SoC success (over 30 million chips in annual production) through our highly advanced products and services. Innosilicon’s main advantages are in providing: low cost, high-performance, cross-foundry, fully customizable solutions combined with our award winning customer design support. Our IP can be found in millions of Mobile, multimedia and Consumer electronic devices such as: tablets, cell phones, HD set-top boxes, TV, Camera, networking, computing ICs that have achieved leading market shares. Presently we support SMIC, TSMC and GF processes from 180nm to 14nm. Traditionally buying a IP by no means guarantee SOC success since you are facing with huge amount work to work through the puzzle. With our IP certainty program, buying IP from Innosilicon is worry free. Customers are not just getting a database at your own risk, you are getting the entire system know-how support & review services before production to ensure nothing is at chances. Our system experience and know-how from combo IP to packaging to PCB SI has made our customer’s IP integrate very safe yet highly feature rich. Drop us a line. Discover just how simple your next product design cycle can be. With 100% production success, you can count on Innosilicon in providing best in class product and services.

      Our Mission
      Keep developing top chip solutions to exceed market expectations

      Our Vision
      Open to the World, Making History through Innovation



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      Jadon Gass

      I have decided to purchase 250 devices. I’ve already sent my 5th letter, but no one has responded. In this case, how can I get in touch with you?

    • #1554
      Jona Hoke

      They answered my queries, delivered my INNOSILICON A10 Pro ETH Miner I must remark that I received the goods after placing the order within 7 days. It’s an awesome service. would strongly suggest this store after the customer care patiently explained the usage method to me.

    • #1749
      Farida Stamps

      I’ve been waiting for this website to send my miner for four months, but I still haven’t heard anything from them. I complained where necessary so that it wouldn’t happen again.

    • #1894
      Jesse Donato

      Because there was a delay between the shipment and delivery of the ordered goods, I gave three stars.

    • #2126
      Tesher Jax

      100% satisfied with their service , I love their communication and they so much professional also.

    • #2148
      Anex Lyder

      I promise I will never contact them again, I request to all not taking their service, they never give you the support if you need


    • #2221
      Nin Jassy

      I have bought machines first time from them, they are working well till now, can’t guess for later, i am confused reading reviews!

    • #2225
      Lara Desai

      Not good really, worse experience ever, I did very little expectation but they couldn’t make it,

    • #2439
      Killian Stock

      There was some issues with INNOSILICON A11 Pro ETH Miner. Can you please check your inbox. Thanks.

    • #2666
      Cinden Hoky

      I was supposed to order some machines from them, but couldn’t reach them. need to improve the communication method.

    • #2710
      Jamari Wolcot

      I have ordered 100 machines fro them, I am satisfied with their service. They are very prompt in delivering the machine.

    • #2911
      Victor William

      I just lost in the website, it’s not user-friendly at all. never recommend them.

    • #2995
      Floyd Jordan

      I have sent them 10K BTC , SENT them many emails asking for shipping tracking information, but not getting any response

    • #3355
      Bobby Emery

      100% Scam This is the Innosilicon Official Copy Web Store. Completely pointless use of Innosilicon US, Inc. Money will be lost by you. Buy nothing from them ever.

    • #3356
      Ilyas Mccarthy

      1000% sure that they scam, you will understand once visit their site.

    • #3526
      Keiron Calvert

      They are so fake, I never recommend them


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