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      About Us

      We Put Our Clients First. We offer a world-class platform, a voice broking service, assistance with your market execution needs, and market insight, all tailored to your needs. You will have direct Interbank market liquidity from a number of global investment banks as well as real-time price aggregation delivering the tightest spread

      Your Advantages at a Glance

      • Competitive Spreads
      • Over 20 years of Asian broking experience
      • True DMA liquidity from leading global investment banks
      • Dedicated and experienced account executive and 24-hour service
      • Segregated client money management


      According to the Bank for International settlements, with a daily turnover of 5.3 trillion US dollars by April 2013, the foreign exchange (Forex) market has been the most liquid of all markets. Financial centres arround the world are able to trade international currencies with a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers around the clock. This is how the FX market determines the relative values of different currencies.

      The FX market is decentralized from the local stock exchange market. It represents the largest asset class in the world according to its trading volume and profits from its geographical dispersion and continuous operation.

      Gold and Silver are two of the most highly-sought after precious metals in the world.

      They are used in jewelry, electronics, and coinage. Gold & Silver are widely considered to be an effective hedge against inflation and devaluation, which means that when the dollar depreciates, demand for gold/silver increases. In addition, during times of economic and political uncertainty, the demand for Gold rises due to its high intrinsic value and relative stability.

      Gold is often purchased to hedge against inflation risk. Because inflation makes the returns on securities such as US Bonds less valuable, Gold is purchased instead. Because Gold is a real good, inflation will only cause the price of Gold to rise. So, while a rise in prices will make investments less profitable, gold maintains its value. Thus, during times of high inflation, Gold prices also rise.

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      Dense Harsh

      Few days back, I took their services, got the best assistance from them, I recommend them always, also good communication

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      Exceptional competitive advantages: competitive spreads, extensive experience, direct market access, dedicated support, and a commitment to client fund security. A winning combination for traders.

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