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      One of the original and nearly famous bitcoin trading bots, Leonardo, was discontinued in 2017 after three years of productive use. The original data and program, however, were bought by Margin, who then reintroduced the trading bot as Margin.de.


      – You can use Margin’s four distinct bots to trade for you while you are gone (travel, sleep or just work on something else). The EMA crossover bot is the first one, followed by the Bollinger band, Ping Pong, and Range maker bots.

      – The EMA crossover bot is the first one, followed by the Bollinger band, Ping Pong, and Range maker bots. As their names imply, they all rely their trades on several technical indicators, such as Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, EMA, VWAP, and many others.




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      Haddy Shade

      I am waiting for the day when you will start your bots for future trading,

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      Rashte Limon

      can you check plz, your free demo is not working well. It can waste time of many investors, so plz check wisely before taking service them .

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      Keel Bogurt

      I found some issues in the default settings, it is not delivering properly, I requested them to recheck.

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      Lance Smith

      Withdrawing today indicates that a high-margin scam has finally been exposed. Also never witnessed any bots which you were promoting to be implemented.

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      Ferdous Bhatt

      I couldn’t enable the margin Python Strategy Editor, maybe it was then limited for the users.

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      Margin.de resurrects the legendary Leonardo trading bot. It offers four versatile bots, each using technical indicators for smart trading. Whether you’re busy or resting, it trades for you. A game-changer for crypto traders!

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