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      About LedgerX

      LedgerX is an application that provides bitcoin futures trading and settlement solutions. It mainly focuses on options contracts relating to coins such as Bitcoin. These are some of LedgerX’s important features:

      • LedgerX is an officially licensed exchange and clearing organization that has been approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a defined contractual market (DCM) and derivatives clearing organization (DCO). Such regulatory control offers both investors and traders a level of openness and safety.
      • LedgerX specializes in digital derivatives, which are especially Bitcoins options agreements. The holder of a futures contract has the right, but not the responsibility, to purchase or trade the asset that underlies it at a predefined price within a certain time frame. These contracts enable traders to speculate on Bitcoin price swings while controlling risk.
      • Options Trading: LedgerX provides options trading for cryptocurrencies, enabling users to trade both call options (the right to buy) and put options (the right to sell) on Bitcoin. These options contracts may have different expiration dates and strike prices, allowing users to choose their preferred trading strategies.
      • Institutional and Retail Traders: LedgerX caters to both institutional and retail traders, providing a platform that meets the needs of various market participants. Institutional clients can access the platform for trading and clearing large-volume trades, while retail traders can participate in the market with smaller trade sizes.
      • Clearance and Settlements: LedgerX provides clearing and settlement services, which include the process of enabling trade between buyers and sellers and guaranteeing that both parties’ commitments are met. Clearing protects the market’s integrity and aids in the management of counterparty risk.
      • customizable Trading Strategies: For options contracts, LedgerX supports customizable trading strategies. Traders can express their market views and risk preferences by using various options methods such as purchasing or selling calls or puts, generating spreads, or applying more complicated option combinations.
      • Compliance and Security: As a regulated exchange, LedgerX prioritizes compliance and security. It uses industry best practices to protect customer dollars and personal information, such as encryption and sophisticated security protocols.
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      Aamir Gill

      Negotiated trades give you more control and flexibility when trading. You can negotiate big blocks directly and suggest prices and sizes that suit you. It’s like having a real say in how the trades happen.


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