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      About 0xUniverse 

      0xUniverse is a blockchain that relies on a galactic strategy game in which players have access to a galaxy of collecting planets. Humans can settle planets in order to extract minerals and construct spacecraft. They can also compete for control of planets and resources with other players. 0xUniverse is a playing-to-make-money game, which implies that by playing the game, gamers can earn real cash. Buying planets, resources, and spacecraft allows players to earn money. They can also earn money by defeating other players in battle. 0xUniverse is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases such as celestial bodies, resources, and spacecraft. These things are available for purchase with ETH or MATIC tokens.

      • Explore a galaxy full of unique, collectible planets: 0xUniverse has over 100,000 planets, each with its own distinct qualities. Players may explore these worlds to gather materials and construct spacecraft.
      • Extract commodities by colonizing worlds: Participants may settle planets to extract commodities such as ETH and MATIC tokens. These resources can be utilized to construct spacecraft and fight other players.
      • Create spaceships: Players can create spaceships for exploring the galaxy and battle against other players. There are numerous spaceships to pick from, each with its own set of powers.
      • Battle rivals for control of worlds and commodities: Individuals may battle other gamers for regulate of planets and resources. Battles are fought in real-time, and the person who wins is the player who wrecks each other in the player’s spacecraft.
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      0xUniverse is an engaging blockchain strategy game with a galaxy of collectible planets. Players can explore, extract resources, and battle for control. What’s unique is the chance to earn real cash while enjoying the game. A must-try for blockchain gaming enthusiasts!

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